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Recent Ph.D. theses


  • Image Analysis and Processing with Applications in Proteomics and Medicine, Eleftheria Mylona, 2014
  • Development of Systems and Methods for Medical Image Analysis and Processing, Eystratios Keramidas, 2009
  • Development of Computational Methods for Biomedical Data Analysis in Software and Hardware, Dimitris Bariamis, 2009
  • Design and Implementation of Image Analysis and Processing Algorithms in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays for Real-Time Operation, Dionysis Chaikalis, 2009
  • Computational Analysis of Biomedical Data, Eleni Zacharia, 2009
  • 2D Signal Analysis Methods and Applications in Medicine, Michalis Savelonas,2008
  • Collection and Processing of Multichannel Medical Data, Dimitris Iakovidis, 2004


Recent M.Sc. theses


  • Recent Methods for Video Compression and Encoding, Nikolaos Exarhakos, 2014
  • Recent Methods for Digital Image Denoising, Panagiotis Koutonias, 2014
  • Acceleration of the Contourlet Transform, Stamos Katsigiannis, 2011
  • Proteomics Image Processing, Eirini Kostopoulou, 2009
  • Ultrasound Image Analysis and Processing Framework, Eystratios Keramidas, 2008
  • Computer science applications on proteomics, Eleni Zacharia, 2006


Recent graduate theses


  • Generation of Synthetic Proteomics Images, Maria Kodogianni, 2011
  • Image Analysis and Processing Using the Contourlet Transform and Application in Biomedical Data, Stamos Katsigiannis, 2009
  • 3D Scenes Design on Software Using Ray Tracing Machine, Kalotina Karakatsani, 2009
  • Three Dimensional Imaging and Analysis of Integral Photography, Aggeliki Soule, 2008
  • Boundary Feature Extraction and Application in Computer Aided Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules, Kleopatra Sanida, 2008
  • Developing of Thyroid Image Analysis Methods Supported by Friendly Graphical User Interface, Ioannis Pittos, 2008
  • convolutional Channel Codes and Cryptography for Descrete Information Sources, Michael Biglakis, 2008
  • Feature Selection Using Genetic Algorithms, Eleni Zacharia, 2007
  • Research and Develop of Active Contour Models and Application on Thyroid Nodule Lineation on Ultrasound Images, Despoina Stefanoudaki, Eleni Panteliou,2007
  • Implementation of a Content Based Image Retrieval System, Spyridon Eyaggelatos, 2007
  • Texture Feature Extraction Acceleration on Hardware and Software, Dimitris Bariamis, 2006
  • Advanced Digital Video Analysis and Processing Methods, Ioanna Kaliarnta, Isidora Ioannou, 2006
  • Modern Methods for Color Image Analysis, Andreas Mprokos, 2004
  • Feature Extraction Using Statistical Moments, Chaikalis Dimitris, 2004
  • Real Time Digital Video Processing, Ilias Flaounas, 2003
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