Michalis Savelonas, PhD

Currently, a research fellow of the CG group of the Dept. of Informatics of Athens University of Economics and Business, as well as an adjunct assistant professor in the Dept. of Informatics of Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece.

Research in pattern recognition and expert systems, with an emphasis on visual modalities, such as 2D/3D images and 3D shapes. Development of intelligent tools in the context of various domains, including biomedicine, cultural heritage and autonomous driving.


June 2018: Journal article entitled "
Spatially Sensitive Statistical Shape Analysis for Pedestrian Recognition from LIDAR Data" has been accepted for publication in Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Elsevier Science.

December 2017: 
Journal article entitled "Image Representation of a Signal for a Fractional Fourier Transform Watermarking Scheme" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, Taylor and Francis.

September 2017
Conference article entitled "Exploiting Unbroken Surface Congruity for the Acceleration of Fragment Reassembly" has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage.

June 2017: Journal article entitled "Predictive Digitisation of Cultural Heritage Objects" has been accepted for publication in Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer Science.


msavelonas [at] ieee [dot] org

Last update: 2/6/2018